1×04 – Infection


Oh good grief. Well, we’ll get the positive out of the way quickly. I met David McCallum in 2013. He played Vance Hendricks in this episode, though he’s much more famous for his role as Ducky on NCIS, and for starring in Man From UNCLE. He was charming and had nothing but positive memories from his time on Babylon 5.

Cramer’s interview with Sinclair was well done.

And then there is the rest of the episode. Enough people have dumped on the Ikara portion. The part that bothers me is the Mary Ann Cramer character. She was originally going to have been a recurring character, an ISN reporter on the station, who would pop up every few episodes. But here, she is so poorly-written, and so stereotypical (not to mention shrill in places), I was glad to see her leave. I really don’t think it was the actress. I think the writing for her character just stunk.

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