1×03 – Born to the Purple

Oh, Ko’Dath. How do I love you? Let me count the ways. Zero. Zero ways. Thank Valen she was only here for one episode, she annoyed the shit right out of me.

Sinclair trying to hire dancers was funny. Michael O’Hare showed range as Sinclair, and I liked it.

Here we go again with Talia. Whining again. And let’s see if I’ve understood this correctly, ok? She’s a telepath, right? And even if she isn’t actively reading someone’s mind, surface thoughts/emotions are right there for her to pick up on. So when Londo is begging for her help from less than two feet away, she has to turn to Sinclair to ask “Is he serious?” Londo is seriously begging her to help save his girlfriend’s life, and she can’t be bothered to pick up on a surface thought? Yeah, fuck you Talia.

Poor Susan. For her, this episode really sucks.

While I don’t like some parts of this episode, it’s always been a more personal one to me. Part of that may be because I own the very script Michael O’Hare used while filming this episode. That may make it better for me than it generally be. I don’t care.


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