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ISN Anchor Desk - Babylon 5 Characters During Crusade

Where are they now?

NOTE: This information is directly from the Crusade Writerís Bible, written by JMS, and copywrite Warner Bros. 1999. If JMS or Warner Bros. Asks me to take it down, I will. I am placing it here strictly for informational purposes ... In other words, it ainít mine, but itís info that people need/want to know regarding what happened to the main characters in Babylon 5 after the series ended. It is full of spoiler information, including two deaths :( - Do not read further if you do not want to be spoiled. Thank you.

Dr. Stephen Franklin is head of Xenobiology at Earth Dome, and was there are the time of the Drakh attack. He is stranded on Earth along with the seven million other infected humans, though he can leave secretly and under heavy quarantine when necessary.

Emperor Londo Mollari is currently based on Centauri Prime, where he is helping guide his people in their efforts to rebuild their world. What is not known is that he is acting under Drakh influence to ensure that the new Centauri Prime looks like what they want it to look like, and to make it a tool they can use for their own purposes.

Michael Garibaldi is now co-owner (with his wife, Lisa Hampton-Edgars-Garibaldi) of Edgars Industries (soon to be renamed Edgars/Garibaldi Industries), one of the ten largest pharmaceutical corporations on Mars. In addition to the rest of his duties, he is still running down the Black Projects initiated by her late husband, William Edgars, and hunting Bester.

Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan is on Minbar, with his wife, Delenn, head of the Alliance Advisory Council, and their young son, David.

Lennier, former aide to Delenn, is deceased, killed in action during the telepath crisis of 2265.

Lyta Alexander, who helped create a force to bring down the Psi Corps, was also killed in action during the telepath crisis.

GíKar, formerly Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5, is visiting other worlds to learn what he can about them, while trying to figure out what to do about his situation back on Narn, where his writings have elevated him to the position of holy man and prophet, a position he does not want to believe is merited.

Vir Cotto, former aide to Londo Mollari, is now Centauri Ambassador to Babylon 5.

Security Chief Zack Allan and Lieutenant David Corwin remain on Babylon 5.

TaíLon, former Narn freelance warrior and samurai, is now GíKarís replacement as representative to Babylon 5.

Dr. Lillian Hobbs is Franklinís replacement as chief medical officer on Babylon 5.

Tessa Halloran, formerly Number One, a leader in the Mars fight for independence in 2261, is Head of Covert Activities and intelligence for the Alliance, and is also based on Babylon 5.

In addition to the Babylon 5 characters we may see from time to time, there are many other characters aboard the Excalibur we will also encounter occasionally. They include the chief in charge of shipís maintenance (a blue color kind of guy), the head mechanic looking after the Thunderbolts, the shipís chaplain, and others TBA.